Ford Mustang GT owned by Spencer Taylor

Mustang GT Track Car


Brakes and Wheels

  • Shelby GT 500 King of the Road 18×9″ original wheels
  • DBA 5000 2-piece rotors
  • 1x Ford factory 19×9 alloy wheels
  • 2x Mickey Thompson 18×10.5″ rear and 18×9″ front wheels
  • Toyo R888 or Hankook RS4 315 (295) rear and 275 front


Driver Safety

  • Sparco EVO 2 FIA driver’s seat
  • 6 point FIA harnesses to chassis
  • Driveshaft safety loop
  • Corbeau passenger seat
  • Sparco harness bar (gone)
  • HANS device – always
  • Trained and humble driver


Car Safety

  • 4-point half cage by Maximum Motorsports
  • Cage features extra 5th bar roll over support and welded harness bar
  • Racing hubs and lugs all around
  • All harness connections go to the unibody

Mustang GT track car history

Mustang GT update: For the 2016 season, I had my friend Ed Werry of Maximum Attack Motorsports remove my former Roush supercharger. My lap times were faster without the blower within half a season. I also had Ed completely redo the suspension and correct bump-steer. My built Coyote 5.0L engine was for a blower and has a 10:1 compression ratio versus the stock 11:1. Ed swapped me to 3.73 gears mated to the stock MT82 gearbox.

Why I love Mustangs

Cars are ultimately about passion. The Mustang is one of the most passionate cars ever produced. It’s not perfect, but it SO FUN to drive on track! Few cars have provided so much joy for so many folks, in all different types of racing, street use, modding, drifting, etc.

Most importantly for me, Inferno makes me feel like a 5-year-old every time I drive her 🙂

Inferno at the NJMP Thunderbolt GarageGarage

I kept Inferno OFF of the race track for over two years because she scared the crap out of me! However, after hundreds of hours racing, doing countless HPDE driving events, Rally school, etc., I am more comfortable with her.

Mustang GT Diary


When she was supercharged, Inferno developed 573 WHP on a Mustang Dyno with only 93 octane. Using NASA’s own 110% multiplier for Mustang dyno’s, that puts her at a screeching 630 WHP. What can I say, I love strong women 😛

I removed the blower for the 2016 season. I was faster without it!

I have tried drag racing her once. My best run was a 12.482 ET @ 123.28 MPH with a dismal 2.438 60′ time and an encouraging .127 RT. I had to launch in 2nd gear. I had zero traction until she hooked up, and then going, going, gone!

Inferno's heart

The Torque Pancake (when she was blown)

Inferno Mustang Dyno March 12 2012


Roush supercharger 5.0 Mustang Built Ford Tough

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