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Spencer Taylor WordPress Web Designer and Online Marketer

Creating beautiful websites for you is my job as a freelance WordPress web design consultant.

Learning what defines your business and makes it unique helps me communicate with your visitors using mobile-first designs.

Based in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, I provide WordPress, WooCommerce, and Divi Builder consulting solutions to a variety of agencies and clients in the Philadelphia area. Since 2012 I’ve consistently driven results.

An avid motorsports enthusiast, I have participated in years of SCCA road racing and hundreds of track days.

WordPress Consulting

Use WordPress and WooCommerce to grow your business! Speak with Spencer, a trusted partner to many clients and organizations in the South Jersey, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.

Uncover your opportunities. The conversation is free, but the ideas generated may be vital for your strategy.

Check out my WordPress Solutions below.

WordPress Web Design & WooCommerce Solutions

Website Design

Beautiful, easy-to-use, WordPress websites built to work on smartphones and tablets without restrictions.

WordPress Optimization

Slow websites hurt Google results and cost you money with lost traffic. Optimize your site for rankings.

WooCommerce Automation

Are you marketing the hard way? Automate WooCommerce to handle acquisition to retention, and more.

WooCommerce Solutions

Whether you need a full e-commerce website or to automate your Woo website, I have solutions for you.

Conversion Optimization

Is your WooCommerce website converting as it should? Maximize its potential while driving more sales.

Audience Analytics

Do you know who comes to your web property? Do you fully understand their behavior on your site?

Specializing In:


Divi Builder


Yoast SEO

WordPress Optimization

If your competitors site is faster than yours, it will rank higher for the same keywords. Don’t let a slow WordPress website hurt your rankings!

Spencer offers full WordPress site optimization starting at only $250! Speed up your WordPress today.

Convert Users On Every Platform, Starting with Mobile

There’s a good chance you’re reading this on your smartphone. Over 60% of web traffic across the board comes from mobile.

Are your WordPress website and WooCommerce store set up to be mobile-first? If not, let’s discuss custom solutions today.

Recent Work Includes

  • WordPress Web Design & Development
  • WooCommerce Design and Woo Automation Solutions
  • B2B Lead Generation Websites
  • Landing Page Designs for SEO Agencies

Client Testimonials

"Spencer Taylor provided top-notch service and support in overhauling my corporate website. He helped me think about what I was trying to accomplish and then made it happen."

Andrew S. Baker

Owner, BrainWave Consulting

“Many companies can do a good job. A few can be truly great. In this case, the appeal is solid consultation. Can I make sound decisions based upon information that I trust to offer advantage? YES.”

Scott Williams

Owner, US Rally Team

“Spencer completely overhauled our website’s performance. We never knew that WordPress’ standard configuration performed so poorly or slowly, until we saw the finished results.”

Peter Wechsler

Owner, Franklin Retirement

Ready To Make a Real Change? Let's Build this Thing Together!

Contact me today about WordPress consulting and web design solutions for your business.

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