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Slow WordPress sites equal lower Google Pagerank scores and search engine result pages results. Optimize your site to climb in search results and outrank your competitors.

Why should you care that your WordPress site is slow?

Your Website’s performance is critical to your Google ranking.

Don’t lose traffic due to a slow Website. Spencer Taylor will help you get a fast WordPress today!

Page speed optimization is one of the key factors in Google’s rating of your website in Search Engine Results Pages, a.k.a. SERP’s.

SERP’s are the results that you get whenever you Google something. The slower your website is the lower it will rank versus any other website competing for the same keywords and information.

The best part is that you need to do almost nothing! All the work is on my side and takes only a few hours.

A Content Delivery Network or CDN can greatly increase your website’s speed!

I firmly believe in using the industry standard named Cloudflare CDN when your hosting is not optimal.

While Cloudflare offers a free service, it does need to be configured. Cloudflare configuration is included in all of my WordPress Optimization services.

WordPress Speed Optimization

What my clients are saying

Spencer’s optimization services made an immediate positive impact on our website’s performance.

It’s significantly faster and easier to use for users, administrators, and content producers on the backend.

I would recommend Spencer’s services to any business owner looking for an edge against the competition.

Peter Wechsler

Owner, Franklin Retirement Solutions

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