Frequently Asked Questions

Spencer offers answers to the questions he gets the most from potential clients. You can also directly contact Spencer at any time at the link below.

FAQ of Spencer Taylor

Web Design Questions

Do you build complete websites?

Yes! Beautiful, mobile-first, high-converting WordPress websites are my specialty. WooCommerce e-commerce websites are also a large part of my business.

I’m extremely comfortable working along side your SEO, Marketing, and Advertising agencies, if you use them.

Here you can check out my portfolio. You are also welcome to reach me directly with your questions and use cases.

Why do you only work with WordPress?

It’s impossible to be great at everything. Several years ago I made the decision to put 100% of my effort into WordPress because I love the platform. As of 2021, over 40% of all Internet websites run WordPress.

Everything I do uses WordPress, and often WooCommerce for e-commerce solutions.

Trust your website to a WordPress specialist with over 9 years of experience! Contact me today.

How do you bill for web design projects?

Roughly 90% of my work is hourly consulting, including WordPress web design. In most cases, my clients spend less money on a new website by working on an hourly consulting basis. Also, you only pay for what you want.

However, depending on the scope of the project, I also work on a project basis too. Let’s discuss your needs today!

Can you help me maintain my WordPress website?

Webcare is one of my most popular services. Webcare provides WordPress website updates, security, backups, break fixing, speed optimization, and help for any aspect of your site’s functionality.

Many of my clients retain me for 3 to 5 hours each month to assure that their business investment is working correctly, and benefiting them to its fullest extent. Contact me to learn more!

Can you migrate my website into production?

Absolutely! For over 9 years, I am migrating WordPress websites into production, moving WordPress sites from one host to another, creating and using subdomains, working with registrars (like Go Daddy) and much more.

Can I use you for both web design and consulting?

If your guess is yes, you are right! Bottom line, my business centers on helping my clients make more money, sell more products, and/or reach more people.

Many clients ask me to add functionality and provide support to existing websites, while also asking me to build them new sites, landing pages, or anything else they need. Contact me to learn how I can help you.

WordPress Consulting FAQ

Do you work with Agencies?

Yes! In fact, almost all of the work I do is either for agencies on a white label basis, or for B2B clients. I work with several marketing, graphic design, and SEO agencies in the New Jersey and Philadelphia area.

I’m equally comfortable working from mockups or creating original designs.

If you are looking for help at your agency, I am happy to share a long list of successful WordPress websites from my portfolio. Contact me today.

How do you get paid?

90% of my work is on an hourly consulting basis. My cost is a flat hourly rate of $75/hour that goes down depending on how many hours you purchase. All consulting fees are paid in advance. Here are my rates.

What I recommend to new clients is to start off with 3 to 5 hours. Let me prove what I can do for you, and we can go from there.

Do you do WooCommerce consulting?

Absolutely! Many of the sites I build have ecommerce components. Much of my work with WooCommerce is for subscription products and online stores.

Other ways I help clients include extending WooCommerce features, fixing broken stores, marketing automation, abandoned shopping carts, setting up payment gateways, product templates, and much more.

Contact me today to learn more.

Do you do SEO work?

While I do not offer full SEO agency services, I do perform, consult, and build websites using SEO best practices. I’m comfortable with all areas of On-Page SEO including titles, meta descriptions, proper usage of headings, metadata, SEO performance reporting and more.

I’m also extremely comfortable and experienced working with SEO agencies. Contact me today to learn more.

In what locations do you practice?

While many of my clients are in the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas, I have clients in Texas, Florida, Utah, and Australia!

Realistically, I can work with almost any business in any location. There’s an excellent chance I can be of help to you! Contact me today.