E-commerce consulting services for business

Get the conversions and audience online your business deserves.

Consulting Services

Making your business competitive in e-commerce, online marketing, email, and advertizing is my responsibility.

Here are several ways I achieve results for my clients.

Online Strategy

In order to win, one must have a plan! It’s not an axiom, it’s truth. Let me create a considered plan of growth.


I am a believer in following ones instincts, but data is as necessary. Let’s evaluate paths to improve performance.


I will show you how to get the most from your e-commerce business. Don’t leave potential business earnings on the table.

Lead Funnels

Do you have a fully-developed and defined marketing funnel? If not, it’s time to execute them!

Website Design

Get a beautifully designed, mobile-friendly, website that serves your business with flexibility.

Social Media

Posting occassionally is not the recipe to success. Allow me to craft for you a realizable plan to grow.

Marketing Process

Discussion & Analysis

We start with discussing your business and its goals. Then, I research how we can move forward.

Mapping & Execution

It’s time to map your solution into tangible plans. After discussion, I handle the execution process.


I work with clients to assess their competitiveness in their maket and develop tools to help you grow.

Creative Marketing

Every client is unique. No two businesses have the same needs. This perspective informs all that I do.


Grow Your business

“Let’s discuss ways to push your business over the threshold.”

Spencer Taylor,
Threshold Solutions, LLC

 Spencer Taylor offers Facebook advertising, mobile-friendly websites, and online marketing solutions