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Freelance WordPress and WooCommerce Consulting with a Difference

UPDATED: January, 2021

Why should you work with me? What distinguishes me from other web designers and WordPress consultants? I’m happy you asked!

A Client First Mentality

My clients are the reason I make a living doing the work I love. I never forget this.

How I will benefit your business is always foremost on my mind. What value can I add to your website or project?

How do I help my clients every day? Check out my portfolio below and see the results for yourself.

Hello, my name is Spencer Taylor. I am a freelance web designer and WordPress consultant based in Mount Laurel, New Jersey – about ten miles from Philadelphia.

Consistently driving results in WordPress freelance web design for clients in South Jersey, Philadelphia, and well beyond is my raison d’etre.

My clients always come first! Therefore, you are the reason I am in business, and I am thankful to you every day.

WordPress freelance web design has become much more popular in the last few years. However, not all freelancers are the same.

You will see how I stand apart from my competitors. As a result, it’s why you should contact me about your WordPress or WooCommerce project.

9 Years of Freelance Web Design Success

Over my professional freelance consulting career, I’ve worked with many businesses across a vast array of industries and disciplines.

B2B lead generation campaigns, beautifully-crafted custom WordPress sites, subscription-based product sales, digital products, and B2C e-commerce sites are only a few of my successful projects.

Therefore, my extensive experience results in you saving time and money on crucial website projects – regardless of the scope.

WordPress freelance web design is my passion. It’s not only my “job.”

Crucially, my focus is on creating beautiful, mobile-first, WordPress web design using Divi and WooCommerce solutions.

These are my core competencies.

Freelance Web Design Project Highlight

Social Buddy is an Instagram Growth Service and one of my favorite projects. The vector art-based redesign by me yields over a 50% bump in conversions and a happy client!

Social Buddy Logo - Web Design by Spencer Taylor

Freelance WooCommerce Solutions

Building niche WooCommerce solutions for company employee stores, specialty automotive parts, subscription products, digital projects, and much more help me deliver results for you.

Using Divi as my preferred theme for over five years allows me an expert understanding of the platform and how it benefits my clients.

Therefore, if you need Divi consulting help, we need to speak! I will help you.

Building blocks

Let’s Build Something!

Are you seeking a freelance web design, or WordPress consultant?

You’ve found a professional who puts their clients first and has years of experience with a wide range of industries. Moreover, I’m entrusted to SEO and Marketing Agencies, and business organizations all around Philadelphia, South Jersey, New Jersey, and well beyond.

Contact me for a free consultation. Let’s discuss your needs today.

Spencer Taylor - Freelance WordPress Web Designer, WooCommerce Consultant

Spencer Taylor is a dedicated freelance WordPress web designer and consultant based in New Jersey. Spencer also offers WooCommerce and Divi Builder consulting and is a Motorsports enthusiast.


Need A Custom-Built Website, or WordPress Consulting help?

Work with a trusted consultant! My focus is providing WordPress consulting and web design services on a White Label basis for marketing and SEO agencies, or directly with organizations in Philadelphia, South Jersey, and beyond.

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