You Can Search Messenger on mobile!

It’s Amazon Prime Day at 11:49 pm. I’ve decided to snag that amazing deal my friend was telling me about on Facebook Messenger earlier in the day, but I can only find it with her link. I can’t call her at almost midnight – that’s rude! Now the sale’s almost over. What can I do? This stinks.

Does the above Facebook Messenger situation describe any experience you’ve had? It’s what prompted me to learn how to search everything in Facebook Messenger. No longer shall I scroll up ten pages of messages to find information. Who has the time?

Sadly, Facebook has made searching our messages a pain to find. I’d like to save you time by teaching you how to search Facebook Messenger.

I’m going to show you how to search Messenger on mobile right after I show you the more powerful desktop features. You may need them.

Let’s dive in!

Facebook Messenger does everything easily except searching our messages!

Facebook Messenger is a significant communication tool for many of us. It sends messages, phone calls, video calls, SMS (text) messages, has cute GIF’s to use in anything, and many people use it. So why would Facebook hide the simple functionality of search from us? It’s infuriating. Albeit, it’s not so much hidden as tough to locate.

Did you know that Facebook has launched Messenger as a stand-alone browser product last year? It’s available at this link.

Step 1: Open Facebook Messenger.

While there are many ways to open Facebook Messenger in a browser, I’m going to start by selecting it from my friend’s profile, known in the Facebook parlance as our Timeline.

Facebook messenger search 1

Step 2: The Messenger browser interface will now launch. First, click on the gear icon and then click on “See full conversation.”

Facebook messenger search full conversation

Step 3: Our whole conversation will now open. Note that there are some new options only available in the full conversation view, namely the search icon in the upper-right hand corner.

Facebook messenger search full conversation view

Step 4: Search for anything! It can be that restaurant mentioned in a conversation months ago, or even a juicy discount code your friend sent you.

Note for those interested in Facebook advertising; the displayed ads are contextual. Our conversation is about racing, and voilà race car ads appear.

How to Search Facebook Messenger

How can I search the Facebook Messenger app on my Android or iPhone?

To the best of my knowledge, and please correct me in the comments if I am wrong, there is no direct way to search Facebook Messenger in mobile apps! However, there is a workaround for this using mobile browsers. Let me show you.

Step 1: Open your mobile browser and choose “Request desktop page” like in my image from Chrome mobile below.

Facebook messenger search on Chrome Mobile browser request desktop version

Step 2: Use the conversation icon to open Messenger.

Facebook messenger search on Chrome Mobile browser request desktop version 2

search messenger mobile

Step 3: You can now search all your Facebook Messenger messages on mobile!

Facebook messenger search mobile

The browser method seems overly complicated in my opinion; however, I believe Facebook is deliberately focused on driving users to install the Messenger app (even though you can’t search it).

I hope these tips on searching Facebook Messenger are helpful.

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