Reuse content for online marketing success

Reuse content for online marketing success

Choose to reuse content

“I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything today. Look at what time it is! I can’t make a great post right now; I’m busy. But if my audience isn’t seeing our great content, they’re at someone else’s content. What am I going to do?”

Does the above paragraph sound familiar?

It’s the conversation I have with myself every few days. I don’t have enough quality content ready. I never do.

I’ve learned no one can make quality content all the time in online marketing. They reuse content they have.

To be clear, I’m not saying anyone should attempt to go without making great content and only recycle. That’s craziness. Audiences leave without experiencing quality content.

However, a portion of your posting, sharing, etc. should be evergreen content. It is evergreen for a reason, right.

* Note, repurpose is a term used by some in place of reuse.

Frequency of reusing content

What should the proportions of new to reused content be? The number of times per day our audience members see something from us is our frequency, and it’s the most important variable.

We want to reach as much of our audience as possible without driving them crazy.

We all have brands we see so much they become annoying. Ergo, we’re always looking for balance.

Focus on posting quality content, not quantity content.

Based on my experience with widely different brands, it’s my belief that posting more than four times a day on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Twitter is pointless and probably detrimental.

I believe three to four times a day is the sweet spot. Let’s focus on posting quality content, not quantity content. This both engages our audience and allows us to reuse content by remaining consistent.

How many posts should be reuse?

Based on experience, the ratio of approximately reusing content twice in every nine to ten posts is most effective, assuming a maximum of four posts a day.

There are significant benefits to reusing content

As a rule, half of your audience will be on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter on any given day.

We have half our audience that is unaware of anything we’ve done that day. Shouldn’t we connect our content with those who are interested? Of course, let’s make it available to them again!

In my experience, many posts that did not get the engagement I was expecting do far better the second, third, or even fourth time.

I’ve found that mixing in older, relevant, posts are a pillar of being successful with online marketing consistently.

Topical posts or content would be an obvious exception. However, when we look at the content we’ve created and published, many topics are as relevant today as when they first appeared.

Keep on moving

Regardless of the kind of business we do, it’s always a struggle to produce enough quality content.

Reusing relevant content is the ideal way to keep your creative batteries charged while ensuring as much of our audience will experience it.

Why not reuse content for a post today?

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