Why You Should Be Using Pinterest for Any Brand

Why You Should Be Using Pinterest

Drive Relevant Traffic to Your Brand with Pinterest – Here’s How to Start

Pinterest drives huge traffic, and your brand should be taking advantage of it! Let’s see how significant an impact Pinterest can, and should, be for your business and how easy it is to start today!

At the end of the post, I have three proven tips to help you get started.

Why Pinterest Works

Pinterest is a “virtual pinboard” used to save, collect, and share images from anywhere on the Web. The pin we are following is from my brand Join the Pugs, a community I created for Pug dog lovers.

This pin has been “re-pinned” well over 1000 times – see below, and cost me $0!

Re-pinning is somewhat analogous to a share or re-Tweet – “RT.” Similar to other Social Media, simply click the pin to be whisked to the intended Web location, and most importantly, it’s visual.

We are going to peek at the Analytics, and bring focus to the opportunity Pinterest is for all Marketers and business owners.

Note: a “re-pin” is NOT proportional to a “Like” on Facebook, similar to the difference in retweets on Twitter, each Social Network is unique.

The worlds most interesting pug pin
The Worlds Most Interesting Pug Pin

In an upcoming Blog post, I will be exploring in-depth the Neuropsychology of why Pinterest is akin to Marketing Crack. Pinterest is almost entirely VISUAL.

Images are processed in the Limbic brain, which has no capacity for language.

Pinterest images are direct injection. It’s the same reason we react viscerally to images of barbarity and violence, or tenderly to photos of those we love without words.

Ergo, my metaphor of Marketing Crack, and WHY you should be leveraging Pinterest right now.

It’s easy to understand anyone being leery of “another” Social Media channel to manage; however, you will see what makes Pinterest a standout, as many organizations are discovering every day.

Credit christel quek and the huffington post - limbic brain decision making
Limbic Brain Decision making – Credit Christel Quek / Huffington Post

Let’s Jump to the Juicy Web Traffic Benefits!

So, what does a thousand-plus re-pinned Pin get me?

The Join the Pugs Website averages 5000 plus Unique Visitors and Sessions a month. This single pin drove 664 Sessions, or 30% of all Sessions generated from Pinterest during the previous four months.

Compare that to Blog posts, Facebook posts, Tweets, etc. with $0 advertising spend, and Pinterest becomes highly compelling.

Evaluate your percentage of Visitors by your efforts, and how does this compare? How do the percentage and number of Impressions By Source compare?

Even more enticing, Pinterest offers a 60% plus female demographic.

Unless you are working with a Male dominated population, you are likely losing money if you are not on Pinterest. It’s that good.

Most interesting pug traffic - threshold solutions
Most Interesting Pug Traffic

But Wait, There’s More with Pinterest!

Pinterest has rolled out a full suite of Analytics tools, which I will be covering in-depth with another post.

However, the first thing we can see from the report below is FREE Impressions.

I love free traffic and exposure for my brands. Moreover, I love getting free Impressions! This is a single pin. I have many hundreds of pins for Join the Pugs alone.

Another advantage, Google rankings. Google “Join the Pugs,” and you will find top results pointing directly to the brand’s Website, Social Media channels, and shared links on Tumblr, Blogspot, etc.

Pinterest has helped me greatly bump my “natural” SEO with Google, and the brand’s Website now receives over 40% of its traffic with Google as the Referrer.

Google’s algorithms focus on two primary attributes, relevancy and frequency.

Pinterest is constantly crawled by Google because it has both, and by consistently pinning your brand, you will build a following of relevant inquiries and/or conversions to your Website, or Online destination.

Pinterest equals free impressions
Pinterest equals free Impressions

Pinterest Can Drive Traffic To YouTube

I’ve had success utilizing Pinterest in an array of areas. For example, I use it to drive traffic to my YouTube channel which has passed 400,000 Video Views with $0 spent on Advertising.

Growth on YouTube tends to trend exponentially. An interesting goal is building a YouTube channel with at least $10,000 a year in advertising income.

That’s $10K from an activity that requires little investment in my time and energy.

Drive traffic from Pinterest to YouTube for your brand or organization, or grow a channel that you can monetize.

The pin below is an example from my personal Pinterest account with 800 re-pins.

Google is crawling the URL / Permalink to my YouTube channel and the relevancy between the two, meaning Google is building strong relevancy in search for me at $0 cost.

Why not let Google do the work for you? If you’re thinking, “that seems like it could greatly benefit Search rankings and Video Views,” then you are seeing the opportunity!

There is no reason why you can’t do the same thing.

Pinterest can drive traffic to youtube - the threshold
Pinterest Can Drive Traffic to YouTube!

Three Proven Tips for Success On Pinterest

You never can predict what pin will be successful.

I have pinned thousands of pins for Join the Pugs, myself, and clients. It’s a numbers game and a quality game.

Be diligent in your efforts, and you will have success!

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